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 Emergency Response Systems

MediGuard carries several systems each with their own distinct advantages. See below:
MediGuard USA Series
Our premium System works with two or more transmitters, and expands with many optional features, including our patented fall sensor.

MediGuard Express Series
Our Express Series gives you an easy to use, emergency alert solution.  Because of it's lower monthly price, our MediGuard Express answers the need for quality emergency Response with all the essential features for those you love.


MediGuard 2-Way Pendant Series
Our Talking Pendant allows an emergency conversation outside or even across the street.

MediGuard USA is family owned and operated.  We provide personal emergency response systems for the Health, Wellness, Safety, and Independence of our customers at  home.

We will bring your emergency response unit to your home and connect to your phone line.  After testing for proper operation, we will teach you and your loved ones how it works.

If you need service just give us a call.  We make house calls and will make sure your system is working properly.


  • Emergency Response Console is easy to use all-in-one solution to remain at home and independent.
  • Full array of Personal Emergency Alert accessories 
  • Monitor Home Intrusion & Safety
  • Monitor Medication and Disease Management
  • Single or Multiple Users
  • Alert System plugs into phone jack & electrical outlet easily
  • Easy remote programming changes
  • No long term contract required.
With Our New Express Service, your Emergency Response Service can start as low as $29 per month & you can pay month by month without a term agreement. 
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