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We have smart technology options to provide simple solutions for your needs:

Web Based Activity Reports 

The Console is capable of reporting to our Web Based User Software.  You as the Caregiver can see all activity reporting to the second once you have logged into our secure site with your user name and password.  By viewing medication compliance, inactivity, or any type of alarm keeps you informed even when you are out of town or at work. 

Email and Text Notification

    When phone calls cannot be taken, our email service option can provide activity as well as emergency reports.  Missed medication reminders may not require immediate attention, but can be logged for future reference.
Having this information available gives understanding to your loved one's needs before you speak to them on the phone.  Knowing the exact time of activities also helps you to find easy solutions when patterns develop.  Now with Text Notification, Family Members and Caregivers can get rapid information so they can be informed.

System Integrations

Video Cameras and Remote Video Monitoring* can assure you that Mom or Dad is safe and well in the comfort of their home.  With our secure access control only those with given user name and password can remote view the premise.  Garages, Outside, even main areas of the home can give you confidence that they are safe.  With our exclusive integration to our MediGuard USA Console, you can "Call in" and speak to your loved one from your home or office*.  We can design a cost effective solution to keep Mom and Dad at home.

*This service requires high speed internet connection at both locations.

Wide Area Protection
Our Repeater Module allows pendant transmitters and other devices to be extended beyond our normal distances.  Long walks to the mailbox, or detatched garage, even large living facilities can be accomodated with the addittion of these modules.  Up to 16 Repeater Modules can be added to meet virtually every need.  The Repeater Module has its own rechargeable battery backup and monitors itself on a daily basis.

Security and Occupancy Options
Our Universal Door/Window                One Button Keyfob                Our Motion Detector is Pet 
easily mounts.  Led indicator.                Simple and Easy                   proof.  Allows up to 85lb
                                                                                                                                 pets to move around freely.

Home Security is an important aspect of keeping your loved ones safe at home.  Our MediGuard USA console comes with a one button security system that can protect the perimeter of the home day and night.  With our keyfob remote, with a simple press the security can be turned on and off.  In the event of an alarm, our responders will handle the security alarm to assure protection and safety in a timely manner.

  • Protect Doors and Windows
  • Motion Detection for Basement or other areas of Home
  • One Button Arm/Disarm Keyfob option
  • Uses same Console without complicated digital keypads.
  • Add Security Option for as little as $.33 per day






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